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The schedule for the 94th edition of the UCI World Championship has finally been set into place after a long discussion. The venue chosen for this event is Flanders, Belgium on the dates between 19 and 26 September. The major reason why this city was picked for the World championship is that Belgium is one of the countries which founded the UCI championship.

September 19: Elite men

This is the opener trial event in the UCI World Championship Schedule which will start at the location of Knokke-Heist all the way up to Bruges. With 43.3 kilometers distance, each rider will be challenged to face their fates.

September 20: Men U23

The second individual rider event will take place for the starting and finishing locations of Knokke-Heist and Bruges respectively. The distance for this event will be 30.3 kilometers or 18.8 mi.

September 20: Elite Women 

This event will take place for individual female cyclists. The starting and finishing locations will be Knokke-Heist and Bruges respectively, for a distance of 30.3 kilometers or 18.8 mi.

September 21: Junior Women

With the least amount of distance (i.e. 19.3 kilometers or 12 mi), this event will take place for Junior Women Cyclists from Knokke-Heist to the finishing location called Bruges.

September 21: Junior Men

This event is only eligible for junior category male riders. With Knokke-Heist as the starting point and Bruges as the finishing line, the cyclists will be required to cover a distance of 22.3 km or 13.9 mi.

September 22: Mixed Relay

As implied by the name, this event will only be eligible for a team of mixed members where the starting and finishing points will be Knokke-Heist and Bruges respectively, and a distance of 44.5 km or 27.7 mi.

September 24: Junior Women

These road race events will be held for women belonging to the Junior cyclist category. The distance for Junior Women Road Race will be set as 73.7 km or 45.8 mi starting and ending on the same location called Leuven.

September 24: Men U23

This event will begin from the location of Antwerp all the way to Leuven consuming a distance of about 162.6 km or 101.0 mi.

September 25: Junior Men

Particularly for the category of Junior men cyclists, this event will be conducted to evaluate their riding skills for a distance of 119.4 km or 74.2 mi beginning and ending on the same spot as Leuven.

September 25: Elite Women

Starting from the location of Antwerp, Women Cyclists will compete to cover a distance of 157.7 km or 98.0 mi to reach the finish line at Leuven.

September 26: Elite Men

This will be the last event of the UCI World Championship Schedule where the riders will have to cover a distance of 267.7 km or 166.3 mi from Antwerp to Leuven.

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