Vintage Schwinn Bicycles – Every Thing You Need To Know

Interested in vintage Schwinn bicycles? Look no further than eBay.

I’ve rounded up some of the best, find them below!

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Schwinn has been a leading player in the bicycle manufacturing game for years.

In fact, Schwinn bicycles are still at an all time high demand despite what some other companies may be doing to try and take them down with their new releases every day! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to

buy your son or daughter’s first bike as everyone knows that when they need another one there’ll only

ever BE ONE CHOICE: SCHWINN!!! Let us examine how far this company has come since its inception – from heavy metal classics of old through today’s sleek trends…

Vintage Schwinn Bicycles Time Line

The Schwinn bicycle has been around since 1895.

It saw its first large scale production in the early 20th century and was soon becoming one of Chicago’s iconic brands, despite having to compete with more than 30 other bike makers at that time!

The company even went on a huge upward trajectory during an economic depression when many people changed their modes for transportation due do cost considerations- ironic considering how much they

helped propel our founder Ignaz into success?

The Schwinn replica of an AeroCycle bicycle from 1933 made a big hit in the market. People jumped to pick it up and demand was so high that many other bike brands produced “me-too” copies of this

attractive looking product, like for instance Huffy with their own version called “Airflyte” which they released during World War II due do its success as well!

The oldest bikes on eBay were Schwinn tandem bicycles, which are still very popular as family cruisers. The company manufactured one out four American made bike in 1950’s – but later production models

gave a new dimension to mountain sports and attracted more youth around the nation! Take this AeroCycle for example:

Vintage Schwinn Bicycles Hall of Fame

Schwinn has a treasure chest filled with beautiful jewels and Schwinn tandem bikes are among the most popular. Let’s take look at some of these models:

A dating website for antique bicycles enthusiasts called Vintage Bicycle Trader started in 2013, like many great things it was born out of necessity as there weren’t any other sites specifically devoted to collecting

information on this subject matter before that point; its popularity grew so quickly due largely by word-

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Schwinn Phantom

The Schwinn Phantom is a most crazed bicycle of its era back in 1950. It’s one of the most valued vintage Schwinn bicycles to date and can be found on eBay for instance, but if you want it with all possible bells

and whistles then check out our listings!

Schwinn Paramount

One of the most sought-after vintage bicycles is a Schwinn Paramount.

These bikes were used in many championships and races back when they first came out, but because it’s so hard to find them nowadays their price tag can be really high!

I found this one on eBay US for around $999 with free shipping which isn’t too bad considering how much other companies charge just for these type of products Click here

Schwinn Jaguar

The Schwinn Jaguar is a classic bicycle from the 1930s that has been enjoyed by many for its youthfulness and style.
Bicycles can often be seen as symbols of nostalgia, wisdom or just pure fun depending on their age; yet

another example would be this vintage machine which was manufactured back in 1930’s! The bike may not have changed much over time but attitudes certainly do (for better or worse).

Schwinn Stingray

The Schwann vintage club is the place to find old-fashioned bikes!

These wheels were once so popular, they made a mark on youth and kids everywhere. But if you want something from this time period that isn’t seen anywhere else in our modern world – then look no

further than “Stingrays” as we know them today… No “Schwinn Stingray(All Condition) found on eBay US

Made in the US, or Made in China?

Schwinn is a popular brand name in the United States. Schwinn bicycles have been made anywhere from China to Milwaukee, but they all share one thing: quality control issues when it comes down to

components and materials used for their manufacturing process which can lead them being poor performers as well if not worse than other brands with lower standards like Chinese built bikes that lack

any collectible value at all or even just originality due tо fake replicas flooding thе market place so make sure you know what year your looking für before buying Authentic Vintage Brands

Did you know…?

The bicycle was born in 1817 and has evolved to include many different types.

One type you may not know about are balloon tires, which were first introduced by Schwinn over eighty years ago! In 1933 they unveiled their new invention – wide surface area with an inner tube that inflated

like a tire too it’s called “balloon.” This exciting innovation captured people’s imagination right away;

cyclists across America soon found themselves opting for these high performance tools of the trade on every ride possible because why wouldn’t we want our bikes (and ourselves) be able go further without risk?

Finding the Age of the Bike

In order to determine the age of your vintage Schwinn bicycle, look for a serial number.

Serial numbers can be found on both frame and fork; if you have either type from 1948-1952 (their first production years), they will be underneath where it says ” crank” or near rear derailleur housing as

applicable since 1958 when this change was made at manufacturing facilities world wide . For newer models made between 1970 -1982 under THE SCHWINN EMBLEM just ahead front wheel middle right side ;or google search with spelling variations:

What is the Value of the Bike?

When it comes to vintage Schwinn bicycles, there’s a lot of variety.

Some are rare and valuable while others aren’t so much—especially for women’s bikes! There is the1969 Stingray model with its high price tag ($350-$700) or one from 1964 worth between $50-75 depending

on condition; then there’s also this nice Le Tour 10 speed bicycle at around 80 dollars which can be yours if you’re lucky enough find an older example in mint condition (MSRP ranged anywhere up 8 hundred).


Schwinn bicycles were THE bicycle of choice in America from the 1940s until 1980.

Almost every child had one, and so did many adults who grew up during that time period! Nowadays we think back on our Schwinn as not only being associated with childhood memories but also those

moments when dad took his bike out for a ride because it made him feel young again too – Spreading nostalgia through generations like some kind-of strange virus or something…

The following passage was written about Schwinins: “No antique sch …

Last Word about Vintage Schwinn Bicycles

Schwinn is a brand that goes back to the early days of America. Schwins were originally designed for children, but they quickly became popular with adults as well because of their reliability and smooth

riding experience – just what you want in your daily commute! If it wasn’t enough already being one-of-a kind vintage bicycle collectors yourself (quite possibly by recycling), now there’s even more reason:

buying any old schwin will let YOU be part owner over 50 years ago when those bikes first came out…and knowing how much better than new bicycles today are nowadays? It’ll make perfect sense why

we’re all so excited at finding these beauties on our shelves or

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