What Are Good Brands Of Mountain Bikes – Top 5 Brands 2021

Updated on August 18, 2022

What Are Good Brands Of Mountain Bikes

There are so many mountain bike brands that are well reputed.

Some of them are: Trek Bikes,

Cannondale, Specialized, Santa Cruz and Giant Bicycles.

What are good brands of mountain bikes? Are these brands just important for professionals? Definitely not, It is also important for normal bikers as mountain bikes are mostly used in rough terrain.

We need a

good brand of mountain bikes to ride in such places.

When going mountain biking, one of the first things you need is a mountain bike to ride.

It is often difficult, however, to choose the right mountain bike since there are so many different factors to

consider, one of which is the brand.

There are far more brands out there, however these are some of those who you can trust and are a great option when you’re just starting out in mountain biking and don’t know everything about picking a great


It is imperative for a new mountain biker to understand the philosophy, and history of mountain bike brands before making a purchase.

Furthermore, there are multiple brands to contend with, which further complicates the situation.

Getting a full and comprehensive view is key to taking the right decision.

A mountain bike isn’t just for professionals anymore.

Anybody who likes the thrill of riding over rocky terrain can find one.

There are numerous companies that make quality bikes.

What Are Good Brands Of Mountain Bikes – How do we choose one?

What Are Good Brands Of Mountain Bikes

Some people like to go on long bike rides.

Mountain bikes are good for longer trips because they’re heavier and have thicker tires that provide more stability when riding over rough terrain, but it’s important not just rely on this type of biking- you should also take into consideration what kind of trails or roadways we’ll be exploring in order find our optimal mountain bike!

Trek Bikes

Trek produces bikes at almost every price point, making it one of the biggest brands in the business.

The mountain bike line up at Trek is equally impressive, even though Trek is renowned for its road bike offerings.

Trek has kept its all-around personality intact despite many changes in geometry and design

over the past decade.

Trek has always stayed relevant, regardless of whether it was technologically at the forefront.

And riders throughout the industry have consistently given Trek positive feedback.

Trek has been successful in part because it has preserved its roots by supporting athletes like Emily Batty and Brandon Semenuk, and

Gee and Rachel Atherton among many others.

Additionally, Trek stands behind their products by offering a lifetime warranty on frames.

I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit picking the perfect color for my Trek bike.

Trek is one of the few big

brands that allows you to customize your bike and helmet.

At Trek Bikes, we build bikes with a focus on the trails and mountain bike enthusiasts.

We believe that our customers have different needs for their ride depending upon where it will be used; this means each of our models has something special about them – whether its 29ers or hardtail equipped bicycles-to suit these various conditions wonderfully well!

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A Connecticut-based company known for their innovative approach to building bikes, Cannondale has never shied away from new ideas.

The Lefty fork and Headshok unit have been among their more notable and polarizing designs over the years, both of which replaced standard suspension forks on some models.

Cannondale’s use of oversized aluminum tubing, however, sets them apart from other cycling


In the 1980s, Cannondale took a different approach from other companies by building bike frames from lightweight alloy instead of steel.

Despite its modern-day popularity, the company still uses it liberally in


Cannondale was once a powerhouse in the industry but has declined in popularity in recent years.

Volvo Cannondale was one of the most popular and sought-after racing teams in the late 90s, and the company sponsored athletes like Brian Lopes and Missy Giove during that period.

After that, however, the company lost market share.

Additionally, if you’re interested in mountain biking, you might have spotted that Cannondale is reinventing itself quite a bit recently.

As one example, the company launched the Habit, which has a relatively normal appearance.

But the good news is that with their latest Scalpel XC race bikes and Lefty

Topstone gravel grinders, they are succeeding where others have failed.

Cannondale, the cycling brand that started it all.

Since their inception in 1972 Cannondales have been on a mission to provide cyclists with high-quality yet affordable bikes and parts for every kind of riding – from casual urban commuting through intense mountain scenery; they’re not just about getting you sweaty but keeping your wallet happy too!


The birth of mountain biking in the United States can be credited to Specialized, which was founded in the early 1970s.

In spite of the fact that their bikes are made in Taiwan, the brand’s roots are firmly planted in California.

One model many may be familiar with is the Stumpjumper, a staple of their lineup.

Since it was released in 1981, this full-suspension design has been available in more than 10 forms under

the name Stumpjumper.

Additionally, the brand’s wider selection includes everything from a beginner’s

mountain bike to a gravel, road, and electric bike, so pretty much everyone can find an option they like.

It may have been Stumpjumper who started it all, but Specialized continues to innovate year after year.

Despite the fact that many U.S. brands are just now offering electric bikes, Specialized has been leading the pack with its Turbo Levo for years. In addition, the company has continuously developed innovative

solutions to common problems.

For instance, Specialized created SWAT Technology, which includes tool and tube storage accessories

that can be purchased separately and some models even include it.

However, Specialized still is a major brand and has had its fair share of hiccups.

Most notorious was a 2013 instance in which the company sent a cease-and-desist letter to a small café and bike shop in Canada that shared the same name as one of their road bike models, Roubaix.

They eventually reversed course and saved face, but it was a good lesson that the biking community cares and public relations matter.

In these uncertain times, we can’t help but look to the future with uncertainty.

But one thing that won’t change? The need for reliable specialists who specialize in certain fields and are able – through experience or education-to provide expert advice on those topics as well! These individuals offer invaluable insight into how things work now AND may develop down the road so it’s best if you know exactly where they stand when discussing your project goals; otherwise there could be costly mistakes made due lack of understanding by others involved later after production has begun.

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Santa Cruz

In the world of cycling, Santa Cruz is an anomaly.

In a relatively short amount of time, this brand has

established itself as a leader with just 14 dirt-focused models.

However, it’s noteworthy that the company was able to grow to a significant size without sacrificing its boutique-like feel.

In the past, this impressive balancing act has given rise to several popular models.

There have been notable recent additions to their lineup, such as the Nomad, Bronson 27.5, and

Hightower, and longtime riders likely remember the Bullit, Driver 8, VP Free, and Heckler with fondness.

If you look around the parking lot, chances are that at least 25 percent of the bicycles are Santa

Cruz bikes.

There’s a lot to like about Santa Cruz from the perspective of a rider.

Many companies, including Santa Cruz, offer lifetime warranties on their frames.

The brand, unlike the competition, goes one step further

by providing the same warranty on all their products.

Santa Cruz’s bikes are also very thoughtfully designed; you won’t find any substandard components, and you can tell the designers are truly passionate about the sport.

One of the big disadvantages of Santa Cruz bikes is their high price.

The bottom line is, you get what you pay for, but value-oriented options

like Giant, Marin, and Diamondback are often more affordable for most budget-conscious riders.

With its centuries-old surfing culture, Santa Cruz is the perfect getaway for surfers of all levels.

The waves are often considered some of America’s best – and you can always find your own spot with ease thanks to plenty more just like it across this coastal town!

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Giant Bicycles

In addition to producing bike frames for many of the top cycling brands in the world, Taiwan-based Giant Manufacturing was founded in 1972.

Even though it may come as a surprise, there are only a

handful of factories that make the vast majority of bikes, and Giant Manufacturing is one of them.

Giant, the company’s in-house bike brand, was launched in 1981.

The Trance has been Giant’s go-to trail/all-mountain bike since its inception 15 years ago, which is much like Specialized’s Stumpjumper.

The Trance is by no means at the peak of progressive geometry, but it’s a good choice for riders looking

for a bike that can handle everything.

While Trek and Specialized are the most recognized brands worldwide, Giant has more market share.

Every time I help someone find a new bike, I end up going back to Giant because of their competitive

pricing and outstanding reputation.

Their bikes might not always push the boundaries in terms of tech and geometry, but their value can’t be beaten.

As a final note, Giant launched in 2008 a women’s-only cycling brand, Liv Cycling, which offers a comprehensive collection of bikes and apparel designed exclusively for women.

From our experience, Liv products meet Giant’s high standard of quality and make great choices for women of all levels

As more and more people are looking for ways to be green, the world of bikes is changing.

Giants like Giant Bicycles have taken up where real bicycles leave off by making them out almost entirely from recycled materials such as abandoned fishing nets or old tires; they also use solar power!
The UK-based company was founded in 2009 when its founder noticed that most new cars on British streets were large SUVs but there wasn’t anything available small enough for his young daughter’s needs so he began working with designers at Waterloo University who knew just what kind of vehicles would make perfect family transportation vehicles – ones made largely from ecofriendly sources (like discarded nylon).

Nowadays you’ll find all sorts:

Mountain biking is a booming sport, with an avid following for both experienced bike riders and beginners alike.

Many people would like to get into mountain biking but don’t know where or how they can start out; this list will provide some insight on which brands are worth your time as well as why these particular bikes may be better than others in certain situations!

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