What Are The Different Types Of Exercise Bikes? Explained

Updated on April 5, 2022

What Are The Different Types Of Exercise Bikes

There are plenty of exercise bikes for your workout. Some of them are: Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Air Bikes, Interactive Exercise Bikes, Hybrid Exercise Bikes, Indoor Cycling Bikes, Self-Powered Exercise Bikes, and Watt Bike

How do these different types of exercise bikes affect our health? The benefits of cycling include staying fit and healthy regularly, and the good news is that you aren’t limited to using a physical bike. Exercise bikes are often superior to treadmills and can easily fit in your home gym. In addition, you will not have to deal with running, so biking may be an excellent choice.

Exercise bikes are an important part of any health and fitness routine. There is more than one type, but they all serve a similar function: To increase your heart rate to promote cardio training for blood flow or circulation; muscle strengthening through resistance against the pedals as well engaging muscles used when cycling without using pedal power (such those found in legs).
The bike you choose should be based on how much exercise experience you have had – if this article helped answer some questions about types then great! Now go out there & start riding so we can see those gains soon 🙂

ATIVATFIT Indoor Cycling

ATIVATFIT Indoor Cycling

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XTERRA Fitness FB150

ADVENOR Exercise Bike

ADVENOR Exercise Bike




If you’re considering purchasing an exercise bike, then you’ve probably already realized there are several types to choose from. There are a lot of models and brands that claim to be the best, but there is no way to figure out which one is best for you unless you know exactly what you need.

The Different Types Of Exercise Bikes

So you’re looking to buy a bike? We have all sorts of options for different types and styles. Want an upright one with handlebars, or maybe something more mountain biking-oriented like suspension bikes that can go off road but still provide comfort on pavement too!

What Are The Different Types Of Exercise Bikes

Upright Bikes

This is the most common type of home fitness equipment, also known as a static exercise bike. Exercising on a shopper bicycle is similar to the position on an upright bike. For those looking for an affordable exercise bike for their homes, upright exercise bikes are often the best option.

Those who do not regularly exercise can get started with them. For compact exercise bikes, an upright bike would be the best choice. They provide a great cardio workout in addition to improving your muscle tone and strengthening your legs.

Upright bikes, also called ” touring” or “iac” bikes are perfect for long journeys. They have been around since 1885 when they were first patented by German designer Karl von Zesky who wanted to create an easy way of riding his bike without having to sit down on it every five minutes! These days upright pedal cycles can be found all over Europe but not so much in other parts of the world due possibly because cycling isn’t really popular there like how we see people biking everywhere here – even though some countries don

Recumbent Bikes

Exercises can be similarly performed on these bikes to those provided by upright bikes, but with a bucket-type supportive seat. Upright or recumbent exercise bikes are typically selected based on comfort – recumbent seats are more like a chair than a saddle. In addition, people who have knee and back injuries seem to benefit more from recumbent bikes than upright bikes.

In comparison to an upright exercise bike, this exercise tends to have more focus on the glutes (bottom) and has a greater impact on lower stomach muscles.

Though not as popular, recumbent bikes have been proven to be an effective way of exercising. Reces are shaped more like a chair with armrests that allow you the option for support and comfort when pedaling or resting your arms on them while riding at different angles depending upon what works best during each particular workout session.

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Air Bikes

Air bikes commonly known as fan bikes have two upright handles around chest height that move forward and backward. While cycling, you push and pull the handlebars, giving you an intense, full-body workout. With air bikes, there is a large fan that is driven by the pedal power and speed.

Pedaling faster increases the resistance created by the fan, so the harder you pedal, the harder it becomes. It is ideal for anyone looking to add variety and intensity to their exercise routine.

Some people think of bikes with one person on them as being called “bikes.” But if there are two or more, then they’re referred to collectively as an “air bike” because the driver must rely solely upon pushing off his feet instead of pedaling when going up hills.

Interactive Exercise Bikes

Interactive exercise bikes, or smart exercise bikes, are similar to studio bikes, but feature built-in screens that allow users to access a range of apps or programs. Cycling apps and interactive classes are all included in these programs. The resistance on some smart bikes is automatically adjusted by the app.

Compared to other types of exercise bikes, they are usually much more expensive. Because of the high quality and durability of these bikes, you are getting a lot of your money. Even if you’re thinking of buying an interactive exercise bike, keep in mind that the price isn’t likely to be the reason you decide not to buy one. These bikes are full of options, both in terms of price and fun.

Interactive exercise bikes have been a revolutionary way of staying in shape for years. The typical stationary bike is great, but these new models let you ride while interacting with your surroundings and working out different muscle groups at once! You can even download an app that will help guide the types or distances each time segment lasts so it feels more personalized than ever before

Hybrid Exercise Bikes

Hybrid Bikes are a combination of both upright and recumbent bikes that can be used by anyone in your family. When you work out on a two-in-one exercise bike, you can work a broader range of leg and lower abdominal muscles. You can also improve your posture and back health by varying the position of your exercise bike. You can use them as an introduction to exercise, but they’re not advisable if you want to put your fitness to the test.

The hybrid bike is a type of stationary bicycle that has an electric motor to make it easier for you pedal. This allows people who cannot ride traditional bikes due their physical limitations or lack the strength required, but can still work up quite some sweat while utilising this machine!

Indoor Cycling Bikes

We highly recommend buying an indoor cycling bike if you regularly cycle to work or train for an event. Comparatively to the traditional exercise bike, which simulates the gears and hills when riding an outdoor road bike, these bikes offer a greater range of resistance levels. Training on these home training bikes allows you to work out and train more vigorously.

Saddle height is generally equal to handlebar height, and a flywheel is generally open. There are usually no heart monitors on indoor cycles. It is possible to run indoor cycles without electricity.

We’ve all done it: we’re riding our bikes outside when suddenly the sun sets and darkness falls. But what about those days where there’s just not enough time for an evening ride? What if you needed to get from A-to B fast, but couldn’t be outdoors because of weather conditions or some other emergency situation that required your attention right then”? Indoor cycling bike technology has evolved into a innovative form allowing people with limited sunlight exposure access indoor exercise classes in places like gyms equipped with stationary bicycles! These devices feature flywheel motors which provide resistance as well smoothness due how they revolve under riders’ pedals rather than rely solely on momentum (like outdoor models).

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Self-Powered Exercise Bikes

These bikes do not require external power sources. You do not need to place the bike near a socket or worry about getting tangled up in wires. It doesn’t matter where you want to set it up, it can be fit anywhere in your home.
This machine runs off of a generator that generates all the power it needs to function. As a result of the advanced power system, these bikes are generally more expensive than their mains-powered counterparts.

A self-powered exercise bike is a type of stationary cycle that converts the rider’s energy into electricity. They were created with people who want to work out in mind, but don’t have access or cannot carry heavy weights due their job requirements like construction workers and police officers among others who need bikes for legitimate reasons beyond sports training purposes

Watt Bike

Watt bikes are designed to simulate road cycling and collect in-depth data about rider technique and performance. This bike accurately measures performance, technique, as well as heart rate by accurately recording power output in watts. To mimic the feeling of being out on the road, the Watt bike uses a dual braking system (both magnetic and air) that works both on the flat and when climbing.

With the air-braking system, you can simulate cycling on a flat surface with different gears. Watt bikes are designed to improve road cycling performance. An Indoor cycling bike such as Watt bike would be a better option if you want to improve your general fitness or replicate an indoor spin class.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of Precor exercise bikes that are available, it’s time to determine which one is right for you. The good news is, no matter which option you choose, exercise bikes are worth the investment. If you need more convincing, here are some of the advantages of having an exercise bike machine in your home gym:

Watt bikes are a new way to get in shape. The pedal-assist system makes it easier for people who don’t have the time or energy, but want results!

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Why You Should Get An Exercise Bike

  • You usually have a limited amount of space when installing a home gym. All the exercise machines mentioned above are compact, which makes them easy to move if necessary.
  • The exercise bike can be used every day throughout the year without any limitations. If you want to get your cardio done every day, these machines are perfect for you.
  • A good reason to buy an exercise bike is that it is a lot safer than a regular bike. On an exercise bike, you don’t have to worry about harm from cars, pedestrians, or wearing a helmet. You will be able to keep your focus on your workout rather than being distracted by activity around you when you bike in a controlled environment.
  • Exercise bikes are also useful for preventing injuries. The reason for this is that stationary bikes are low-impact machines. Exercise bikes are ideal for people who have bad knees, back problems, or are elderly.
  • Cardiovascular health is improved by riding exercise bikes. Exercise bikes are not only great for cardio, but they can also strengthen your lower body, which many people tend to neglect. The good news is that strengthening your lower body will allow you to become more flexible and build strong muscle mass at the same time.
  • Finally, getting an exercise bike is a good idea because it includes all the technology you need. Exercise bikes are equipped with state-of-the-art screens that provide valuable information such as distance, calories burned, heart rate, and many other things.
  • Why You Should Get An Exercise Bike: For those who suffer from tightness and tension, an exercise bike can be the perfect way to release that stressful energy. Not only does it provide people with a great cardio workout but also strengthen their legs which will lead them towards having stronger core muscles!


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