What Happened to Sacred Steel Bikes?

Updated on September 23, 2022

Sacred Steel Bikes was one of Discovery’s series about a garage that used to customize high-end bikes. This show was hosted in Los Angeles, California and was fairly popular. However, it was cut short when Discovery decided to cut it off at just 6 episodes. In this article, we’re going to go over Sacret Steel’s popularity, it’s cancellation, and why it was never renewed for a season 2.

What Was Sacred Steel Bikes About?

The first season of Sacred Steel Bikes was launched back on September 12, 2016. It was a reality TV show that showed a day in the life of a motorbiking enthusiast Jason Wilson and his team of mechanics as they customized high-end motorbikes. The show was produced by Half Yard Productions and a group of executive producers.

What happened to Sacred Steel Bikes

The group was founded by James Wilson almost 10 years ago. Sacred Steel bikes weren’t your average mechanic shop. It was unique, and you won’t find a similar bike shop anywhere in the world. The mechanics who call themselves “motorcycle dorks” are passionate about restoring and customizing dozens of bikes each year at their club-like institution, where an eclectic crew dedicates time to what they love best: motorbikes!

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Series Popularity

The show did fairly well despite it focusing on such a small demographic of people interested in motorbikes. The series premiere got about 0.8 million views and a 0.3 rating with the 18-49 demographic. The second episode was able to retain the ratings with a slightly higher demo rating.

The reason why they were able to get people interested is the unique personality of each person on the show. They were entertaining and full of character. And, the best part that really appealed to the hardcore biking enthusiasts was the fact that they were passionate about their jobs and loved doing what they did. It was a refreshing experience to see a bunch of tough guys putting their heart and soul into something and the end result was certainly worth it.

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What Happened to Sacred Steel Bikes?

Despite its popularity, Sacred Steel Bikes was cancelled after the first season. Discovery decided not to renew the show for season two, and the beloved biking show was cancelled after just six episodes. It’s been a long time since the initial release and at this point, there’s no hope for the season to return to TV once again.

The reason behind the cancellation was not mentioned anywhere. It’s possible that Discovery wasn’t happy with the ratings or maybe the two parties involved failed to reach an agreement for season 2, which led to the cancellation. But, if this was a potential problem at Sacred Steel’s end, Discovery could have just gone to another mechanics shop. Since they didn’t do that, the only logical reason here is that the television company just lost interest in the show.

Sacred Steel Customs still exists to this day and is serving the people of California for 16 years.

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