What Is A Cargo Bike? All You Need To Know

A cargo bike is a more versatile and practical option for someone just getting back on the bike, or even if they’ve been biking all their life. And with so many different options in terms of styles such as dual-suspension bikes to hybrids, hardtail, road bikes, there’s something out there that suits you!

Some bikes were made to carry riders, but others are made for carrying cargo. A bike designed specifically with freight in mind is called a “cargo bike.” Contrary to what you might think about these heavy-duty machines when they’re all bright and shiny, the whole point of them isn’t just being able to transport your stuff from Point A to Point B without breaking down; it’s also that moving around on one can be surprisingly efficient!

What Is A Cargo Bike

The cargo bike is a versatile machine that can be used for anything from carrying groceries, to performing tasks around the house, and transporting loads of materials. With this manual you will learn about different types of bikes as well as their accessories and history.

What can I carry or do with a cargo bike?


For whatever reason we chose to opt for a bike over a vehicle, it needs to fit our lifestyle. That may mean accommodating the children in our lives who need to get around town or go on outings with their friends and family because bikes are easier than cars when you have lots of things that you want them secure atop your ride.

For these reasons and more, opting for an electric bicycle can be one of the best decisions anyone could make; as they’re low-maintenance machines which offer many benefits that come from being environmentally conscious while keeping congestion off the roads by allowing people – especially those without access to vehicles like public transport – freedom through independence!

You may want to just take your little ones for a stroll in the park before they get old enough to ride their own bikes. These kinds of cargo bikes make it so that parents can bond with their children as they navigate and observe all the world around them, making an experience both fun and educational!


Everyday tasks can be difficult if you only have a bike to get them done with, but cargo bikes make these errands fun. It feels less like a chore and more like an outing as you complete items on your list of things to do by riding around town. Cargo bikes are great for carrying the following:

To transport groceries home from the store

Bags of groceries from the store

Boxes of goods to a friend’s house

Firewood for that bonfire party you’re hosting tonight! Take care not to burn down your best friends’ houses, though. You wouldn’t want them getting mad at you, right? Your furry four-legged friend after a long day of chasing balls around in the yard and catching Frisbees thrown by their owners. It’s been such an exhausting but rewarding day; time for some treats before bedtime and then snoozing until tomorrow morning when they’ll go out into the world again on another adventure with their humans–which is all part of what makes life so great about having pets: never knowing what will happen next! And finally…f


When your job requires you to zip around, a cargo bike may be the perfect option. They can carry all sorts of business equipment and materials, including tools, building supplies, newspapers, or other work-related cargo.

You can turn your cargo bike into a lemonade stand and avoid traffic jams, parking tickets, expensive fuel bills while providing top-notch service! Advertising is easy when you’re on the go too.

Types of cargo bikes

In this article, we will discuss the different types of cargo bikes. Some are better for large or bulky items, while others can handle carrying a lot more weight but have slower speeds and aren’t as aerodynamic in order to keep you safe.

Different Types of Cargo Bikes


Tricycle style cargo bikes are versatile and can carry passengers or freight. With two rear wheels, they’re much more stable than the pedicabs that have just a single wheel in back.

The frames of these bikes are built sturdy so they can carry heavier loads or multiple passengers. These make for an excellent alternative to walking, and with the potential bonus addition of a knowledgeable guide at the helm, you’ll be able to explore unknown areas in less time while also getting more bang from your buck!


Longtails are cargo bikes designed just like the name sounds. The rear of these bikes has an extended frame to allow for racks or frames that carry goods and passengers, unlike traditional panniers or bike bags can do on their own. They’re essentially longer versions of a bicycle which make them perfect if you’re transitioning from using a regular bike to one with more carrying capacity in order to transport items such as groceries, children’s toys, bookshelves etc.

Long John

When it comes to cargo bikes, Long John’s are the fairest of them all. These cycle tracks can carry freight with ease and even transport your children in a way that is safe for everyone involved!

It’s hard to imagine what a cargo bike looks like. My mind is filled with images of mammoth, two-wheeled machines carrying large loads in the back and on their front forks while being ridden by an adult male cyclist (perhaps one that loves his protein powder). Imagine my surprise when I found out these bikes could be made for smaller adults or even children! In reality, there are many different designs at your disposal: some more akin to bicycles than others and sometimes borrowing elements from other types of cargo bikes.

These bikes are a great way to transport just about anything from the grocery store straight into your kitchen!

Baker’s or butcher’s bike baskets attach right onto the front of these classic two-wheeled vehicles. The cargo is stored in an enclosed box, which allows you easy access and keeps items secure during transit.

Donkey bikes are a type of bicycle that carry loads in both the front and back.

There are even bikes with four wheels instead of two or three, which would be good for a more leisurely stroll.

Cargo bike accessories

No, you’re not hallucinating. There are, in fact, bikes made for carrying cargo- and they come with a variety of different shapes to suit the needs of any region or culture!

Bikes don’t require any effort, but electric motors make this chore a little easier. The Yuba Spicy Curry is just one example of an e-bike capable of making your bike life easier and less strenuous on the legs with less pedaling required.

No one likes biking in the rain, so it’s nice when you can prepare for the weather. Rain covers help ensure your ride is a dry and enjoyable experience!

If you don’t have enough money to buy a cargo bike, Instructables.com has an article on how one could build their own transport vehicle with just some scrap materials and tools that they may already have lying around the house!

Cargo bike history

Cargo bikes are a common sight in European countries, and their origins can be traced back to England. The English inventor James Starley was partly responsible for the development of cargo bike design; he helped turn traditional bicycles into boxy models that could move goods through urban centers while also being used by rural farmers to transport farm produce as well. Cargo biking became popular throughout Europe, especially among merchants, craftsmen, and factory workers when it proved critical during World War II where these smaller vehicles were able to get around more easily than larger trucks or cars due to intermittent gas rationing. Today they’re still widely used all over Europe with Dutch bakfiet designs becoming favorites because their ease-of-use makes them accessible even without prior knowledge about

With the rise of cars, cargo bikes were soon forgotten and replaced. However, in recent years, they have made a comeback with their reliability proving to be perfect for certain purposes such as carrying goods or children on short trips around town. There is even an annual festival that celebrates these genius machines!


With the rise of environmentalism, some people have begun to find innovative ways for cargo transportation. Today’s bikes, specifically those designed as “cargo” transport can be used in place of cars and other forms of motorized vehicles while still enabling you to live a functional life. The two-wheeled or three-wheel design is only one example out there that may suit your needs best; with today’s technology, anyone has access to finding their perfect bike match!

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Find your way to a cargo bike today. It’s the perfect means of transportation, whether you’re looking for an easy commute or something fun and active with the kids on weekends!

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