What Is The Best Car For Carrying Bikes Inside?

You’ve finally decided you want to start using your bike on a more regular basis, but you aren’t quite sure how. You don’t like the idea of putting it in the roof or rear racks and leaving it there while driving around, so that leaves parking lots where bikes might be stolen–unacceptable! Would keeping your bicycle inside the car actually keep it safer?

As summertime approaches and weather outside is just about perfect for biking all day long, we’ve found ourselves wondering what’s best when taking our bicycles with us wherever we go: should they stay at home safe from theft? Or would bringing them along make sense if stored safely in an interior compartment?

If you’re biking around town during the summer, it’s important to consider how best to store your bike in a car. A great option is putting it inside of a vehicle as that way its shielded from both theft and elements like rain or snow. With some research, we’ve found that these cars can all accommodate bikes:

Ford Explorer Ford F-150 Toyota Highlander Honda Pilot Chevy Tahoe GMC Yukon Subaru Forester

The Honda Element is perfect for you if the only thing that matters to you in a car are the amenities. It comes with an auxiliary input, CD player and USB port on each front passenger seat (and there’s also one in back), as well as Bluetooth connectivity so your phone can be connected without cords all over your floorboard! There’s plenty of room inside either row – even reclining rear seats make it possible to sleep flat-out across both rows when necessary. The Ford Focus ST might not have this kind of luxury level but what it lacks in creature comforts they made up for by giving great performance stats like 245hp worth of torque which makes 0-60mph happen really fast at 6 seconds or less depending on.

What Is The Best Car For Carrying Bikes Inside

Who knew there were so many ways to get a bike inside your car? We’ll go over the 10 most popular methods, giving you an idea of what might work best for you.

You’ll find that each bicycle carrier has its own unique features and benefits – they’re not all created equal! Some are more suited towards certain types of bikes or specific vehicle models than others. The configuration we list here is only one way in which these carriers can be used; some come with multiple attachments that allow them to be mounted on different vehicles like sedans, trucks (pick-ups), SUVs, vans or even RVs if need be! In this article I’m going to talk about my personal experience using two favorites: Thule

Getting a bike in the car requires some ingenuity and creativity. The best way to do it is when you can take off one wheel- front or back, depending on how much room your trunk has. If not, there’s always that old trunk trick!

For instance: sometimes I have had enough luck with my rear rack; other times however all of the space was taken up by suitcases so I needed something else for my bicycle but didn’t know what until someone told me about their experience using an easy tool called “The Trunk Trick.”

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1 Honda Element

If you’re looking for an SUV that can also hold your bike, then the Honda Element is perfect. These vehicles have a wider body and boxier shape with two-tone paint to make them stand out from other SUVs on the road. Produced between 2003 and 2011, these compact crossover SUVS are no longer manufactured but if they were still in production we would recommend this vehicle as it has everything you need!

The Element is a popular hatchback with five doors, so you can fit your bike in several ways. One Reddit user shows such a configuration: roll it right into the back of the car and push some seats down on either side for balance or to create more space if needed! There’s room enough for one other person too – they could sit up front next to you as passenger while there’s also still plenty of storage space out back.

2 Ford Focus ST

Ford’s Focus ST is a vehicle that can please both enthusiasts and bikers. One user on BikeForums has the 2017 model, which they say also features rear seats you can push all the way down with ease.

This gives you an easy way to transport your bike with the Focus ST without having to take off its front wheel. You also get cargo space and roof rack capability for transporting more than one bike in this awesome hatchback!

This is a safe, convenient, and efficient way of carrying bikes around when you use it as part of the Ford Focus ST’s rear seat capacity. In addition to being able carry up to three bicycles on top or inside depending on their size, there are storage compartments under that allow users access from either side by flipping open both back seats simultaneously so they can load anything else into them while still leaving room behind the driver’s seat for two adults (or even three children) comfortably seated next each other at any

3 Toyota Prius

Prius owner, who prefers not to be identified by name for this article in order to protect her privacy, says that she has a Prius XW30 and it can accommodate up two bikes. “It’s really surprising how many people don’t know,” admits the anonymous driver of the hybrid car which was first introduced into production in 1997.”

The Toyota Prius is often mistaken as an environmentally-friendly vehicle but what most drivers do not realize is how practical it actually is thanks largely due its ability to carry bicycles. When you consider that one hour spent biking saves more than 20 gallons of gas or 40 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions (depending on your source), there’s no denying just how useful these cars are when used properly!

What if you’re riding solo? No worries, as the cargo space is still accessible with no front-wheel assembly required.

4 Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a five-door car that can take your bike(s) with it. This electric vehicle first entered the market in 2012 and was designed to be an all around family ride.

Hybrids are great, but there’s nothing like the Tesla (even though it is more expensive). With an electric motor and not a vehicle engine you’re used to in standard vehicles, this means that your cargo space has been expanded. Not only can you fit two bikes on the back seat of a Model 3 or S if they have enough room for them–you could even put all your gear too!

5 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is a hatchback with five doors that first made its debut in 2001. The newest models have Ultra Seats which can be customized depending on the positioning of the fuel tank and rear suspension for your desired seating configuration.

The Fit can accommodate up to five bikes and has a 60:40 rear split seat that can be compacted for additional cargo space.

6 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golfs are a staple in the automotive world. In 1974, Volkswagen unveiled their newest model of car: The GTI. This is when they also changed its name from Rabbit to GTI because it was faster and more powerful than any other vehicle before them (only reaching 110 miles per hour). Today’s models have even better horsepower but that doesn’t matter as much as space for your bicycle!

Since 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has become a vehicular staple for many with two years after being first sold VW unveiling the golf gti at time had an engine could reach speeds up to 110 mph today’s 7th generation volkswagens come equipped with improved powertrain

Bike owners rejoice! You can now enjoy a carefree ride with your bike without the fear of it being damaged. Get in on this deal and buy one today before they go out of stock!

7 Nissan Cube

From the outside, the Nissan Cube looks like it’s not going to have any room for you and your bike. It only seats four people in a tight layout with no trunk space at all. But wait until you see this thing from inside! The whole roof is made of glass so that there are panoramic views out every window–and don’t forget about what happens when someone opens up one side door: suddenly, another seat appears as well as even more storage than before thanks to two fold-down benches along either side wall (which also doubles as tables!).

Another compact little car that looks like it has no room for stowing your bike but will amaze you is the Nissan Cube–a mini multi-purpose vehicle started production

The Nissan Cube was a revolutionary vehicle when it entered the market in 1998. It offered more curves and better access to your bike than other cars on this list.

 8 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon

The Jetta Wagon is a great choice for those who want something more than the standard sedan. With its hatchback-like design, you can fit plenty of cargo in this car while still maintaining that sporty feel one would expect from Volkswagen. The best part? It’s not just bigger on the inside – there’s room enough to get at least 1 bike into most models!

 9 Mazda3

The elegant and sporty Mazda3 is a favorite among car enthusiasts. We recommend going with the hatchback version of this vehicle, as it has five doors that will give you more space for your bike or bikes, while still being compact enough to navigate around town easily.

 10 Ford Escape

The elegant and sporty Mazda3 is a favorite among car enthusiasts. We recommend going with the hatchback version of this vehicle, as it has five doors that will give you more space for your bike or bikes, while still being compact enough to navigate around town easily.

The new Ford Escape is a great car for transporting bikes. The newer models have a sleeker look if you’re interested in one of those, and the fourth generation (starting to roll out this year) has an even longer profile which means that two or three bikes will fit comfortably inside without issue.


Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your bike safe from the elements or just need something that can fit more than one, there are cool options on this list. From full-sized SUVs and vans all they way down to compact hatchbacks and even sedans, these vehicles will surely have what it takes when transporting bikes is in mind.

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