What is the weight of BMX bikes?

Updated on August 18, 2022

People always weigh bikes before making a purchase decision. Throughout the years, we’ve grown to believe that a lighter bike is a more efficient one.

Is this, however, accurate? Stunts and racing are the primary functions of BMX bikes. You may find it difficult to perform tricks on your BMX bike if your bike is too heavy.

What is the weight of BMX bikes

That is determined by the size of the BMX bike. It is possible to get BMX bikes that weigh less than a Road Bike. A child’s weight, which ranges from 10-15 pounds, is the lightest. Larger BMX bikes, on the other hand, can weigh as much as 27 to 28 pounds. BMX bikes for adults typically don’t weigh less than 20 pounds.

BMX bikes typically weigh between 21 and 25 pounds. BMX bikes that weigh less than 20 pounds are more expensive and more difficult to ride. The components and the material used in the construction of a bike determine its overall weight. So, even though your BMX bike is heavy, you may lighten it.

A lighter bicycle does not make it more efficient. It can, in fact, make it weak and frail. However, the bike’s speed is boosted. A heavy BMX bike has both advantages and downsides.

The drawbacks of riding a hefty BMX bike are numerous.

Lightweight ones are more pricey.

BMX racing may not be the best fit for this bike.

It’s more durable than BMX bikes with a lighter weight.

Stricter stunts and greater freedom of movement.

Due to its weight, it provides a greater degree of stability.

It takes more effort and energy to ride a heavy BMX bike than it does to ride a light one.

Benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a light BMX bicycle.


With a lightweight BMX bike, there are many advantages.


Bike weight has many drawbacks.

Because they are lighter, they are more agile.

Due to the nature of the raw material, it may be prohibitively expensive.

Suitable for racing and professional riding..

Off-track riding is not recommended for this vehicle.

Light BMX bikes allow riders to accelerate their rotation and heighten their vertical leap.

Much more easily damaged and broken than hefty BMX bikes.

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What is the weight of a typical bicycle?


Weight varies depending on the type of bike you are riding. Bikes can be as light as 17 pounds or as heavy as 80 pounds, depending on the model. No two bikes are exactly the same, and a bike’s actual weight is determined by a variety of factors.

The lightest type of bicycle, weighing in at 17 to 26 pounds, is the road bike. There is a difference in weight between the ones for children and adults. Next up are the kid bikes, which clock in at a hefty 24 pounds.

Single-speed bikes are also available, and they weigh an average of 20 pounds. As a result of the reduced number of components, these bicycles are lighter than their counterparts. As a result, Mountain Bikes can weigh anywhere from 21 to 29 pounds, which is why they’re so cumbersome.

The weight ranges from 25 to 40 pounds for Beach Cruisers and Hybrids. There are some that are significantly heavier. E-bikes, which can weigh more than 80 pounds, are the heaviest. It’s possible to find models that weigh only 35 to 40 kilos.

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BMX bikes often weigh less than 30 pounds.


The average weight of a BMX bike is between 22 and 28 pounds. In terms of weight, 27 pounds is on the high end. The bike’s components also have a role.

A BMX bike with no pegs, brakes, gyro, or hub guards would be too heavy at 27 pounds. Most of the mass is accounted for by the parts.

In addition, the content should be examined. It’s understandable if something is heavy if it isn’t composed of aluminium or carbon fibre. It’s possible that chromium frames will make it heavier.

The weight of older motorcycles was significantly higher. BMX bikes are becoming lighter in weight as time goes on. You shouldn’t let the weight of your bike get in the way of your progress.


How heavy are BMX bikes?


The typical weight of BMX bikes is between 22 and 25 pounds. Due to their appeal with children, most of them are light in weight.

There are lightweight ones for children ages 5 to 8 that can weigh as little as 11 pounds. It’s also possible to get 28-pound models. In comparison to light ones, they’re less expensive.

The small weight of a BMX bike can be attributed to its components. Lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre are used in the majority of the components. Professional riders prefer lighter ones, although they risk being flimsy if they go too light.


Sizing Information:

  • Average Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Miniature 9 to 12 pound Micro Mini
  • Approximately 13 to 15 kilogrammes
  • Juniors weigh between 16 and 20 kilogrammes.
  • At least 20 to 24 pounds.
  • Pro weightlifters who weigh between 21 and 25 pounds
  • 22.5 to 26.8 pound Pro XL
  • 24-to-27 pound Pro XXL
  • Twenty five to twenty eight kg
  • Between 25 and 28 pounds for a cruiser

Inexperienced riders may find the Pro size to be the ideal weight. For many years, this has been a favourite option among riders. Neither heavy nor light, it’s just right. Over the age of 13 and at least 5’5″ to 6″ in height are the only requirements. It is also capable of withstanding a significant weight load.


Are there any lightweight BMX bikes out there?

The following is a short selection of well-known light BMX bikes:


  • The Crumpton BMX
  • The Redline Proline Race BMX Bike
  • It’s a black Guerra Martyr 21″ frame.
  • The 20-inch Elite BMX
  • MX24 Redline Bikes by Redline
  • It’s the Mongoose Legion.
  • The 29 Big Ripper
  • A BMX bike made by Mongoose called the Legion 80

BMX bikes that are light in weight allow riders to do tricks and acrobatics more effortlessly. A light BMX bike isn’t absolutely necessary. BMX bikes that are heavier are more stable and can be used for normal riding. For racing and professional riding, lightweight models are chosen.


BMX bikes are extremely hefty for a reason.


When compared to Mountain Cycles and other larger bikes, they aren’t very heavy. BMX bikes are heavy because of their components, particularly their frames. The grips on the handlebars can sometimes be cumbersome.

Because heavy BMX bikes are less expensive, they are more common. Older BMX bikes weighed as much as 30 pounds; today’s bikes are much lighter. Thick tubing was used for the frames to give them more sturdiness.

BMX  bikes designed for racing are less in weight. Ones that weigh less than 11 pounds are now available. (Those, however, are intended for children.)

However, you may readily replace the parts to make it lighter.

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How can you reduce the weight of a BMX?

A BMX bike can be modified in this manner.

The first step is to remove any unnecessary components. Lights, reflectors, additional pegs, and chain guards are all examples of accessories. Before beginning the project, make sure to take all necessary procedures to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Your BMX bike will be heavier if you use pegs. As a result, a large number of them are constructed from stainless steel. One peg can weigh up to three pounds.

BMX bikes can be much lighter by removing them. Consider purchasing aluminium or plastic pegs instead of heavier wood pegs if having pegs is vital to you.

Frames are made of steel, which is the bike’s heaviest component. You can swap it out for a new, lighter one. Lightweight frames constructed of titanium and Chromoly are recommended.

Titanium frames, on the other hand, can cost upwards of $2000. To save money, use Chromoly frames.

Make sure you have the correct number of spokes. You can always get new wheels if the wear and tear is too excessive. Alternatively, you can remove a few spokes from your current wheels to make room for a new set.

Pedals are still another alternative. Steel pedals can cause your bike to seem heavy, especially if you ride it for long periods of time. Replace them with plastic or aluminium hollow pedals.

Some motorcyclists go to extreme lengths to protect themselves. By drilling holes in bike parts and removing some components, the weight can be lowered.

Only if all other options have failed and the proper equipment is available can these steps be employed. The front brake can also be removed by some bikers. This is a highly dangerous endeavour.

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