Where Are Bikes Made – List of All Famous Bikes Brands

Updated on April 5, 2022

Where Are Bikes Made

The bicycle has gone through many changes in its history, but it’s still one of the best means for getting around. The bike you ride may have come from a different country than your own! How does that make you feel?

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It’s a common misconception that bikes are made in America, but they’re actually all manufactured abroad. For example: – Trek Bikes is located in Wisconsin and Minnesota; the company was originally founded as an American bike manufacturer back when it began making bicycles for college students more than 40 years ago.
– Specialized has been manufacturing their world class products since 1974 at its facility near Morgan Hill California where much of today’s design work takes place alongside production on large scale projects such as Time Trial framesets or carbon fiber mountainbike prototypes.

The result is some high quality machines built to last with top notch materials like titanium gravel specific rims!

So where are bikes made?

If you’ve ever been to a bike store, then you know the dizzying array of styles and designs there are. It seems that these days every country wants their own distinctive type of bicycle as well–so no two brands or models will be exactly alike.

If I were asked which countries make all bikes in general (and not just some), my answer would probably have something about steel vs aluminum etc., but let’s focus on what makes each brand unique instead:

Trek: Taiwan and China, specializes in high-end mountain bikes.

They are assembled here in America. Raleigh is also a popular brand but they produce the majority of their goods overseas – mostly in Taiwan or mainland China, which means you get cheaper products at a lower price point than before!
Schwinn still produces quality bicycles as well for those who prefer to stay more traditional with American brands like Trek Bicycle Corporation that has been around since 1976 when it was founded by Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg on April 18th (fun fact!).

Orbea brings us another European bike company from Spain & Germany while Focus Cycles comes out of Berlin so we’re getting some German love here too if you want something different!.

Where Are Bikes Made – List of All Famous Bikes Brands

The bicycle industry has long been a lucrative business, and it is no surprise that many people are eager to make their mark on the market. There are two main types of bicycles: those with tandems (bicycles for two) or three-wheeled bikes called tricycles.

The following article will examine where some leading brands around the world manufacture these products in order to help you decide which style might be best suited for your needs!

Taiwan and China are the two countries that produce most of America’s bikes. Giant is one manufacturer that produces a significant amount of these units, with 95% being exported to other countries in Asia as well as North American markets.

There are also many bike brands from different Asian nations–though they don’t have much market share in comparison to giant-especially those made by Rocky Mountain Bicycles which solely manufacture high end bicycles for export purposes.

The USA imports less than 5% of its bicycle needs on average now due mainly to increased production levels at home; however, Taiwan has an over 50 percent global exports rate compared to 1%-2 % worldwide averages because it offers low labor rates while maintaining quality standards and stringent safety regulations

You may have heard of the term “Made in America” to refer to any product that is made by Americans. But what does this mean? It actually refers only one place-Detroit!

For instance, on average there are around nine hundred bike shops per mile throughout Michigan’s cities which means if you want your ride handled with care and attention every step along its path through production then look no further than these fine establishments bustling street corners

everywhere they stand waiting patiently at each intersection holding up traffic while also providing some much needed relief from our daily commutes or even just after work rides home after long days spent working outside all day long due either drizzly weather conditions like last week where mother nature seemed determined not let us go back inside until she felt we

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Where are Trek Bikes Made?

Trek sells bikes around the world and is one of America’s most popular brands. In 1985, when Trek was founded by John Burke in Waterloo Wisconsin, it began making all their products there; however after some time they moved production to Taiwan because labor costs were cheaper than American workers’ salaries.

All bike manufacturing now takes place on Taiwanese soil except for Madone 6 models which are assembled at a different facility that manufactures other high-end equipment like JetSki watercrafts or snowmobiles from Polaris Industries.

The brand has been so successful since its inception 35 years ago that they have sold over 2 million bicycles worldwide!

Trek’s top-quality and inexpensive bikes have been manufactured in Taiwan for over thirty years.

At Trek’s manufacturing plant in China, they produce bikes that are both high-quality and affordable.

They build their aluminum mountain biking frames with composite materials like carbon fiber for extra strength without increasing weight significantly The country of origin has made it possible for them to be one step ahead when compared against other competitors by providing innovative solutions which can create great benefits on various levels including business growth as well!

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Where are Specialized Bikes Made?

Specialized bikes are made in Taiwan by the company Merida.

These factories cover a large area, which makes them perfect for places with many bike enthusiasts or those that need to produce high quantities of bicycles every year. They have been contracted since 1991 and make all their middle-level and higher end Specialized bikes there as well; they only buy from other brands if it is for low cost models.

Merida found success in Taiwan with Specialized. Merida bought around 49% equity from the company and has been manufacturing a large part of their bikes there, which is no surprise considering that they are both Taiwanese companies.

Specialized manufacture their bikes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They hire many people from the surrounding area to work for them and provide an opportunity that would otherwise go unnoticed by others.
Bikes are built with pride- not just physical labor but intellectual effort as well; these employees have access not only financial stability but also creative freedoms when it comes to designing new products or improving old ones because they’re given so much autonomy over what happens within any one department at Specialized International Co., Ltd..

Where are Cannondale Bikes Made?

Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is a US-based company that also forms part of the Dorel Industries – a Canadian conglomerate. Cannondale manufactures and assembles some bikes in Asia but their headquarters are found in Wilton, Connecticut.

The story of Cannondale is a unique one, as the company was founded in 1979 by its founder Joe

Montgomery and Scott, his son. After facing financial problems it’s now owned by its major investment fund. However this didn’t stop them from coming up with many innovations to change cycling forever- like their first aluminum frames! Nowadays they’re currently focusing on ‘Active living’ and are headquartered in Wiltshire County near Boston Massachusetts where all bikes are designed then built overseas for cost reasons (labor).

Cannondale bikes are made in several locations around the world. Some of their more popular models, like Fatboy or SuperSix EVO Expert were designed by Mike Sinyard and manufactured overseas while others – such as Judo or Six4One (a women-specific series) came out of Canuttlle’s facilities here in America with California being one state close to where I live!

I love how Cannondales offers so many options for riders; whether you want something light weight but durable enough take on mountain trails all day long or prefer something weighing just 14 pounds . You’ll find what fits your riding style right here at www.(

Where are Raleigh Bikes Made?

In what seems to be the newest trend, Raleigh bicycles are now being produced in Asia. They were bought by a US management team led by an ex-Murray executive Bill Austin from its U.K owners and have their headquarters spread across both Washington and Kent where they produce bikes along with suppliers APro & Kinesis

Raleigh Bikes are made in America, by hardworking people who want the best for their families.
Every bicycle has an aluminum frame measuring just over one inch thick at its strongest points with reinforced tube walls designed to take whatever you can dish out – so go ahead and ride tough terrains!

We even offer carbon fiber options if weight isn’t an issue; these bikes will turn heads thanks to how sleekly beautiful they look while still providing supreme durability that lasts season after season without ever needing maintenance or repair aside from cleaning off any dirt buildup when it’s time see underneath those wheels again (I know this sounds gross but trust me-it’s worth doing).

Where are Schwinn Bikes Made?

Since the early 1900s, Schwinn bikes were manufactured in Taiwan. After their acquisition by a family and revival of Paramount Cycles plus restoration services for pre-1994 models, they renamed themselves Waterford Precision Cycles to reflect this legacy while continuing production where it all began: Taiwan.

When the competition for Schwinn bikes increased, they had to stop making them in America and instead contracted with a Japanese company. This arrangement was going well until mismanagement caused it come to an end as well.

Schwinn Bikes are made in factories all over the world, including China and Vietnam.
The bikes have been designed to be tough while being affordable for people who want get into biking but can’t afford expensive sports equipment or motorcycles.

Where are Orbea Bikes Made?

Orbea bikes are made in Spain and Asia, specifically China. Orbea is one of the two leading bicycle manufacturers in Europe; it’s basically a Spanish equivalent to Trek.

Orbea’s high-end frames are manufactured in different locations, but they all have one thing in common: the assembly and painting is done by a team of skilled workers at their headquarters. Some aluminum frames are produced onsite while carbon fiber frame production takes place overseas with specialized companies like Martec that operate out of China.

When it comes to designing and assembling carbon fiber frames, Orbea is a one-stop shop. Unlike other industry players who prefer factory frames or outsourcing the design process themselves, everything from prototyping through manufacturing specifications is done domestically by the Spanish company with its own technology in house.

Orbea is a brand of bikes that are designed to be strong, lightweight and versatile. They come in different sizes for every type of user from small children up through adults on larger models with coaster brakes or hydraulic Disc Brakes .

The frames have steel forks as well as aluminum ones depending on your preference but there’s one thing they all share – durability! The company was founded by brothers Javier Andres Ibarrola Vazquez & Manuel Angeles Barrerros back when you had only two choices if it were mountain biking: Specialized All Mountain Bike

Where are Focus Bikes Made?

Focus Bikes are the pinnacle of craftsmanship, each hand-built by Focus’ factory in Hamburg, Germany. The best materials and parts go into their bikes which then get assembled at Wiggle’s headquarters in England from all over the world!

Each bike is fitted with some of the highest quality components on market to ensure that your ride won’t let you down when it counts most.

Focus bikes are rare because they were produced in Germany. This is a major distinction from the majority of bike companies, which contract their production to Asian countries and have frames labeled “Made in ____”.

What’s the deal with Focus Bikes? Are they made in a factory or something, because that would make their location really important. Well not exactly…
I know I promised you an answer from our intrepid sleuths on where these cool bikes come into being and no one should be surprised to hear it’s tough getting inside information around here! The good folks over at ____ assure me all will become clear once we take this next step though – just keep reading:

Where are Kestrel Bikes Made?

Kestrel is a US bicycle brand that produces high-end road bikes and triathlon bicycles. They are revered for being among the pioneers of carbon frames, producing non-lugged ones in the 1980s as well as one of the first companies to produce them outside California. In recent years production has been moved by their Chinese company Martec who now makes all Kestrel frames out East!

Kestrel bikes are manufactured in several factories around the world, but they’re primarily assembled at their facility here on Boston’s Newburgh waterfront.

The KST Company is committed to making your biking experience as easy and enjoyable for you as possible; which means that we make sure every part of our product has been carefully considered before it hits store shelves or goes into production! We work closely with an team who specializes exclusively ____ (fill-in)_____to ensure all customer needs get met right away – this includes everything from packaging design down through quality control inspections–we’ve got this covered so there won’t be any

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As predicted by many, Asia has emerged as the leading producer of bikes. Europe and America still maintain a monopoly on bike brands with more than half of them being produced in-house. A large percentage–particularly those who produce high end models–have outsourced production to Asian countries for their low cost labor rates.

Japanese carbon fiber is found in nearly every major component of modern technology. Japan has three different suppliers that provide more than 80% of the world’s supply, and yet they are able to maintain their independence from any foreign influences due to a difficult business climate for outsiders.

The world of bikes is a vast and complicated one.

There are so many brands to choose from, not just the ones we think about like Royal Enfield or Harley Davidson but also smaller companies with fascinating backstories such as Canyon Bikes who make their own frames out of steel instead aluminum because they believe it will withstand rust better in some

countries where this may be an issue (and if you’re thinking – why doesn’t someone else see how smart these guys

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