Where are Cannondale Bikes Made & Are They Good

Cannondale bikes are very good in quality and they are mostly made in USA. that’s what mostly people say which is correct in a sense. But let’s discuses is this really the truth.

Cannondale bikes are made by Cannondale bicycle cooperation which is the American division of Dorel Industries that provides cycles.

Industry is producing new models of Cannondale bike day by day. Their high end models and latest models are made in Taiwan, and their lower end models are made in Vietnam.


Schwinn Protocol 2.7

Schwinn Protocol 2.7

Schwinn High Timber Youth

Schwinn High Timber Youth

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Roadmaster R8047WMDS


At starting, frames of Cannondale bikes were only made in its factory in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Now a day’s many companies are making the frames of this Cannondale bike around the world in companies we never heard of.

History of Cannondale Bikes

This industry was founded in 1971 by Joe Montgomery, Murdock Macgregor, and Ron Davis.

Headquarters of this Industry is in Wilton, Connecticut, United States which is responsible for manufacturing and assembling of these Cannondale bikes.

Cannondale bikes

Peter Woods is a CEO of this industry.

As many other industries Cannondale didn’t start out to make bicycles, they made concrete housing.

Their first bike made by them unintentionally and they named it “Buggerâ€.

Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale bicycle made different types of bikes according to place and according to use. Some of them are:

  • Road bikes
  • Kids’ bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Active bikes

Road bikes

The first road bike arrived in 1983, an aluminum touring frame featuring handcrafted oversized tubes. The business was talking to sky in early 2000’s declaring bankruptcy in 2003 and then Dorel industries bought this cycle company. Road bikes made by Cannondale are one of the fastest and reliable bikes on road now days.

Kids’ bikes

Cannondale bikes just not only provide bikes for child but also they have made categories. They made bikes with training wheel for kids having age from 1 to 4. They removed training tires for kids having age from 5 to 8 and having comfortable seat.

They have made strong bikes for kids having age from 8 to 14, a kind of mountain bike.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes just like riding a normal bicycle with a small change in it. With the help of electric bike, you can ride easily and you can travel more distance without being angry or tired.

Mountain bikes

As mountain bikes made for dirt and roads which are not straight also for mountain riding, but Cannondale make it stronger and more reliable as compared to other mountain bikes.

Where are Cannondale Bikes Made

Active bikes

Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is making new bikes day by day just to make riding easily and more comfortably.

Active bikes are easy to ride and have comfortable seats, cool breaks and much more.

Products manufacturing

Cannondale Bicycle Corporation makes so many other products as well other then bike.

Some are:

  • Bicycle frames
  • CAAD design manufacturing
  • Carbon frames
  • Suspension fork
  • Other components

Bicycle frames

Cannondale manufactured aluminum racing and touring frames in 1983, later carbon fiber frames were developed.

At first, components of Cannondale bike were only made in Bedford, Pennsylvania, but now are made in different factories in Asia.

CAAD design manufacturing

First road frame was made in 1983 by Cannondale bicycle corporation and it was sold for 350$. The first bikes were painted by DuPont Imron paint and were available in two colors, red and white.

In 1992 Cannondale introduced series frame based on CAD (computer aided design) which was so light weight and have strong structure.

Time to time new models and types of bikes are introduced by Cannondale. The current generation is CAAD13 which has welded aluminum frame.

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Carbon frame

In 2004, Cannondale made a six13 design which is strong and have carbon frame. The first all carbon frame made by Cannondale was names as “Synapseâ€.

Carbon frames then made by many other companies as well but in 2012, a test was performed in North America and Cannondale super six placed at number one.

Suspension forks

“Lefty†was one of oldest suspension fork of Cannondale, which had 88 needles to reduce friction and for smooth travel.

Other components

Cannondale were producing “bottom bracket†and “crankset†in their bikes since 2001, and these two components have so many characteristics.

Super six EVO Bike 2020

This bike is latest model of Cannondale bike and has many features. The style of this new bike is it different from other bikes.

It is faster, lighter, and stronger. Cannondale made it like aerodynamically style and this shape of this bike provide a great speed to ride and also have strong breaks.

This bike has micro suspension and big tire clearance for surprising smoothness.

Hologram save system bar

Thin bar profile absorbs shocks and have better capability to maintain balance and give perfect adjustment for rider position.

Hologram 45 knot wheels

This is the evolution in history of tires, these big tires provide wide, ultra fast, low drag rim profile with a light.

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