Where Are Motobecane Bikes Made – Motobecane is good brand?

Updated on June 16, 2022

Motobecane USA bikes are made in Kinesis, Taiwan and imported to the United States under the Motobecane brand.

Here are the top 3 Motobecane bikes that you should start with.


Motobecane Bikes

Gravity FSX 1.0

Motobecane Bikes

Mongoose Impasse

Motobecane Bikes

Tommaso Forcella

Motobecane USA imports bikes from Taiwan under the Motobécane trademark.

The American Mobebecane has no connection with the original French Motobecane

In 1981, the original Motobécane company went bankrupt and then purchased by Yamaha and reformed in 1984 as MBK.

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Where Are Motobecane Bikes Made

Motobécane is a major manufacturer in the French bicycle industry.

At the end of 1970, Motobecane was the first French manufacturer to use Japanese parts.

Motobecane is famous for designing very light mountain bikes.

Motobécane’s mid-level and top-level bikes have a frame generally made of square double-butted steel made up of Vitus or Reynolds 531 molybdenum/manganese steel tubing and Nervex lugs.

Unlike most French manufacturers of that time, most Motobecane models use Swiss threaded bottom brackets.

Motobécane finished the decoration of the frame with beautiful high-quality paint, which is not common in the French industry.

Motobécane is considered the second most prestigious bike in France and even mid-range bikes from Motobécane have a high value.

The company kept prices reasonable by matching high-quality frames with cheaper but better parts produced in Japan, while competitors used more expensive, lower-quality French parts for mid-range bikes.

Where are Motobecane Bikes made? Some interesting facts about the company.

Founded in 1963, Motobecane bikes have been sold for over 50 years with an emphasis on quality and customer service that has allowed them to be one of Canada’s most trusted brands!

Where does their manufacturing take place though you might ask?

Well don’t worry because they’re not ashamed or secretive about it at all – instead proudly displaying “ Manufactured by…in Québec City.”

That sure is some great storytelling right there so make sure when your friends come over tomorrow morning after breakfast time just show em’ this page first then maybe chat sometime afterwards if ya get a chance.

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Motobecane Bikes Models

Some of populer Motobecane bikes include

  • Nomade
  • Mirage
  • Super Mirage
  • Super Touring
  • Grand Touring
  • Sprint
  • Super Sprint
  • Jubilee Sport
  • Grand Record
  • Le Champion
  • Team Champion

Motobecane Bikes is a French company that specializes in high-quality cycle manufacturing. Motomods, the iconic brand name of this organization has come to be internationally renowned for creating great bikes with advanced technology at affordable prices! What’s more? You can get your purchase delivered right across India too if you want it really quick .

 People Also Ask

Is Motobecane a good bike brand?

Motobecane made a wide range of bikes from mid level bikes to racing bikes.

It is a good bike brand manufacturing high end bikes i.e Motobecane Fly and Fantom Ti 29

Motobecane is a great brand for both the casual cyclist as well as those looking to invest in their first road bike.

What makes Motobecanes unique are its flat-barred, Shimano equipped bikes that come at an affordable price point with features such wide tires and knobby treads – not just sleek single digit seat posts!

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Where is Motobecane manufactured?

Motobecane USA company manufactured bikes in Kinesis, Taiwan.

Mainly motobecane bikes are produced by Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd company under the Motobécane trademark.

Motobecane is a company that manufactures and sells its products worldwide.

The bikes produced by Motobecane are found in all 50 states, as well as throughout Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific Islands (including Australia), New Zealand etcetera

The manufacturing plant where these awesome two wheeled vehicles come together to make their magic happen can be found at 1724 Ridgeway Drive Woodsfield Ohio 43089 which has been around since 1876 when it was founded back then woods field had less than 500 residents but now there’s 2 million people

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Who makes Motobecane frames?

ORA Engineering Co. is a company that made the latest Motobecane titanium road and mountain bike frames, located in Taiwan.

Who creates the Motobecane frames?

Mona Anderson, a Frenchwoman who resides in Canada with her family.

She began making bikes for herself and friends out of necessity due to back injuries she had sustained during high school fencing practice- so it’s no surprise that these days she builds anything but just bicycles!

Is Motobecane Made in the USA?

Motobecane USA is a different company than motobecane which is french company.

Motobecane USA bikes are made in Taiwan and then imported to the USA under the motobecane tag name.

You might be surprised to find that Motobecane is a USA-made company.

Motos, or motor bikes as they are more commonly known in France, have been around since 1887 when an electric version of one first hit Paris’ streets!

These days there’s everything from kids’ tricycles with training wheels all the way up through mountain bicycles for those who want something on two wheels instead of four – but not just any kind; you’ll need special equipment if these babies aren’t going straight down hills at high speeds!


Motobecane is fanch company that was established in 1923.

It became bankrupt in 1981 and was purchased by Yamaha.

This company now only produced scooters for the European market.

Motobecane USA is a different company which operates in America.

Motobecane USA bikes are manufactured in taiwan and shipped to the USA under the motobecane name.

Motobecane is a popular bike company that makes high-quality bikes.

They’re located in Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada which gives them the advantage of being close to some major production areas like aluminum smelting and stamping for trucks among others!

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