Where Are Orange Bikes Made – Know All About Orange Bikes

Orange generally outsourced bikes to other countries to keep retail prices low. This is what the most popular bicycle brands do. The difference with Orange bikes is that they only do this for the cheaper models.

Their expensive luxury bikes are produced locally in Halifax. Orange’s engineering and design team manufactured most of the parts in-house. This means that from a design and engineering standpoint, they’ve received the same attention as high-end bikes.

Where Are Orange Bikes Made – Where It All Started

The name Orange is not a word itself. The company name comes from the phrase “All Around Range,” which denotes all ranges of bikes made by Orange from beginner to professional riders.

The orange company has been making bikes since 1988. Orange bicycle company started as a side business for the owner. The owner’s main business was to produce engineered metal products but this business eventually grew into a full-fledged company producing mountain bikes from quality.

Over the years, Orange has become synonymous with famous riders, the best known being Steve Peat, who competed in the DH World Cup on an Orange motorcycle and won many trophies.

Where Are Orange Bikes Made

At that time Orange was just a small brand but over time Steve has continued to move forward which has earned a steady following in the UK because people love the style and the way they built their bikes.

Owner Of The Orange Bike

Since 2015, Orange has experienced the biggest change in almost 30 years of history. The company was originally founded and owned by Lester Noble and Steve Wade finally put on welding gloves for more riding and felt it was time for newcomers to keep writing new pages.

The new owner of Orange Bikes is Ashley Ball, Who was previously the owner of a sheet metal manufacturer in Halifax (Balstow Brother) (the person who sold the 6000 series aluminum alloy that Orange has worked with for 18 years) made an offer, and the owner ( in the end) could not refuse.

This means that Orange is still not part of the business of large companies, the company aims to follow the trend and achieve mass production.

It is still a local business focused on quality rather than quantity. Since 2015, Unlike almost every other business owner in the history of sports, the brand didn’t end up being run by a multinational bike corporation or an investment firm.

Orange Mountain Bikes Range

Orange produces different types of bikes, but they are known for their unique mountain bikes. The most important part of their lineup is MTBs built for various purposes. Some of the mountain bikes type that are manufactured by Orange are:

  • All Mountain
  • Downhill
  • Suspension Trail Bikes
  • Hardtail Trail Bikes
  • Hardcore Hardtails
  • Junior Trail Bikes

Some Best Orange Bikes Models


  • Alpine 6 (Pro, RS, Factory) 27.5 inch (650b) Wheels
  • Stage 6 (Pro, RS, Factory) 29 inch wheels


  • R9


  • 327 – 27.5 inch wheels
  • 329 – 29 inch wheels

Suspension Trail

  • Five (Pro, RS, Factory)
  • Stage 5 (Pro, RS, Factory)

Aluminium Hardtail

  • Crush
  • Diva


  • RX9
  • Speedwork

Electric Powered Orange

  • Alpine 6 E (Pro, RS, Factory) 27.5 (650b) Wheels

Orange Bike Manufacturing Process

Orange’s frame design is unique in that it is based on welded aircraft-grade aluminum pipes, which are then heat-treated to increase strength and then finished in its equipment. For the past several years, their design pillar has been the “five pivots”, and it all has to do with simplicity and reliability.

These tubes are laser cut from flat metal and depending on the design one or two tubes can also be used. All aluminum is of the highest quality and a specially selected solid frame requires high-quality materials.

To form the tube, each flat piece of the frame is folded into a certain shape and cut in the correct position to ensure that the tubes are all aligned. The more kinks in the tube, the stronger the tube. The whole process is very convenient and each step requires a person to create the components.

The metal parts are welded in the fixture with the weld closed. The frame is then fired, the metal is heat-treated, and all connections are re-angled and create resistance in each tube. Solder the frame together and place it on the light fixture.

After welding is finished, the frame will be coated with a coat of powder paint and then fixed by baking the paint.

Orange offers a wide range of options when manufacturing bikes, and every customer can fundamentally customize a custom bike. Likewise, in this process, more and more frameworks are put in place and more stringent controls can be carried out so that the quality of the finished products is constantly improving.

People also ask

Why are orange bikes so expensive?

Orange bikes are not that expensive. It manufactured all ranges of bikes from entry-level to professional bikes. Some top line Orange bikes manufactured in the UK which increase cost slightly but in return get premium quality.

Which bikes are made in the UK?

Almost every kind of bike is made in the UK but the range of bikes manufactured in the UK is limited. Mountain bikes biggest brand Orange located in the UK and make bikes i.e All Mountain, Downhill, Suspension Trail, Hardtail.

Are Orange Bikes good?

Orange bike company was established in 1986, From the day first all spare parts of orange bikes were produced in Orange factory, even bike frames. There are few brands that are as iconic and rich in heritage as Orange. It is definitely good as they have sustained their quality over the past 40 years.

Why are orange bikes called Orange?

Orange word here does not represent fruit orange or the company name is not on orange fruit. Rather it is driven from a phrase “All Around Range ” as they make all types of bikes in the UK.


Orange is the UK top leading bicycle company with headquarters located in Halifax.
Orange has its own manufacturing unit in Halifax where they make some premium level bikes and the rest of bikes they outsourced bikes to other countries to keep retail prices low.

To produce bikes at a cheaper rate most bicycle companies do outsourcing. The difference with Orange bikes is that they only do this for the cheaper models. For Premium models Orange’s engineering and design team manufactured most of the parts in the orange factory unit.

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