The Complete History of Pinarello Bikes

Updated on September 27, 2022

Pinarello bikes is an Italian bike manufacturer with headquarters in Treviso. Most Pinarello bikes are made in Taiwan but some models are also made in the Pinarello factory.

A pro-cyclist named Giovanni “Nani” Pinarello founded Pinarello in 1953 in the heart of Treviso. His team decided to remove him from the selection for the Giro d’Italia, so he decided to start his own company. In Nani’s case, he had already learned two years prior that sometimes infamy comes with success – wearing the black jersey during the Giro d’Italia gave him a lot of exposure. He established his own bicycle business and started manufacturing them himself. When the business began to grow in the 1970s and 1980s, the headquarters moved to the outskirts of Treviso. In 1988, Nani’s son Fausto joined the business. Upon turning twenty, Fausto’s father assigned him his first managerial duties, which he used well.

Where Are Pinarello Bikes Manufactured

In the long run, Pinarello’s success would be shaped by his instinct for targeting “second-class” teams with great potential.

Where Are Pinarello Bikes Manufactured?

Taiwan is the country that makes all Pinarello bicycles. Manufacturers of Italian bikes can advertise their products with “Made in Italy” stickers attached to their frames by finishing the frame with paint and transfers. Carbon raw materials are also manufactured in Taiwan. China is the source of the fake Pinarello bikes. Unlike the originals, they are not made at the same factory. The fakes are made in China from molds that are modeled after the real versions, so they differ slightly. Pinarello bikes are so popular for fakes because:

  • They are expensive compared to fake ones, they are desirable objects for buyers.
  • They have distinctive frame shapes, so the fakes seem more credible.

With an open-source frame and a few stickers, you could easily replicate a fairly standard frame shape. The illusion of wavey rear chain stays and forks is enhanced by making molds of them. Pinarello bikes are made in many different countries, but they’re most often produced by workers who will attest that it’s not a job for the faint-hearted. The manufacturing process of these high-end bicycles starts with roughing out wood frames before being handed off to skilled craftsmen who carefully shape each part according to as prescribed drawings or 3D models.

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Where are Pinarello Bike Frames Made?

Taiwan makes all aluminum and carbon fiber Pinarello bicycles and has done so for many years. Dogma is the only possible exception as some frames are made in Italy. Because of Italy’s loose trade laws, unscrupulous bike companies can claim they were made in Italy when the majority of the labor was done in another country. This is sort of a loophole that Pinarello has abused over the course of its existence. Regardless, it’s a pretty good brand and the fact that it’s made in Taiwan is what makes it so durable.

It is fair to say that Italy, or any European nation for that matter, no longer produces top quality bicycles, especially carbon fiber frames. With the exception of a few smaller builders and a couple of top-end Colnago frames, all Italian brands are outsourcing their production. Despite producing tons of bicycles every year, Italy’s are often junk-a-lunka huffy bikes. However, Taiwan is among the places where the most innovative and top-quality bicycles are made. Pinarello is not the only one making their bikes in the country. There are hundreds of manufacturers currently developing their bikes in factories of Taiwan.

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Why Is It Manufactured In Taiwan?

Pinarello bikes could be made in Italy, but I’m fairly sure it’s not. First of all, it’s a monocoque frame. A monocoque frame is only manufactured in Taiwan. Italian companies and Italian bicycle subcontractors cannot make a monocoque frame of the caliber of the Prince due to a lack of knowledge, tooling and experience. It’s a fact that Italian carbon fiber bicycle technology, as well as aluminum bicycle technology, are several generations behind Taiwanese bicycle technology. Due to the overseas movement of production by all the Italian companies, they fall further behind in carbon technology.

Secondly, Pinarello collaborates closely with a certain Taiwanese bicycle company for the development of its bicycles. To be honest, a company like Pinarello is unable to design and manufacture their own carbon fiber bicycles. In order to make one frame in Italy, Pinarello would not have to abandon their relationship with the subcontractor. Furthermore, manufacturing monocoque frames in Italy can be prohibitively expensive. Some people seem to enjoy the idea that their Italian frame was lovingly crafted by a crusty old man with a brazing torch and a bottle of vino in one hand. That time is long gone.

The production of high-end bicycles in Italy has been moved overseas for decades. Italian craftsmen produce some of the most beautiful bicycles in the world, and they make a fantastic marketing tool. Pinarello emphasizes Italian craftsmanship on their website despite welding or molding their frames overseas for many years. Pinarello has some of the most deceiving marketing and insists on being made in Italy while they are not. Only a few bicycle-related products are made in Italy anymore. The famous Italian brand companies moved all its production out of the country a few years ago. This is a sad but true fact.

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History of Pinarello

The history of Pinarello is a long and proud one. It started with Giovanni Pinarello who was born in Catena di Villorba back in 1922. He had 11 siblings and started making bicycles at the age of 15. He started his career wokirng at a factory in Paglianti. He had a relatively successful amateur career. But, he turned professional in 1947 at the age of 25.

As far as the company is concerned, it was a smart investment at the right time. He invested 100,000 Lire into a bicycle shop in his hometown, which would make his surname a sign of reliability in the world.

The company really took off in the 1960s when they started competing with the bikes. The company was paired with a young talent that went by the name of Miguel Indurain. And, together, they would go on to make Pinarello a global sensation.

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