Where Are Specialized Mountain Bikes Made

The Specialized mountain bike brands are mostly in the USA. Thay do all the research, making designs, prototyping it and product development at their headquarters and once its specification is final it will send to contractors mostly from Taiwan and China.

So, are specialized mountain bikes made in China or taiwan? This answer depends upon what you mean by made. If it means actual manufacturing and assembling things then we can say that it is mostly made in Asian countries i.e Taiwan, China and japan.

But that is not the case at all. Some top line mountain bike models are made from design to manufacture in local factories of specified band. Some of Trek bikes premium mountain bike models are completely built in their own factory in the US.

Bike companies often do outsourcing their bike manufacturing to asian countries just to minimize the cost of a bike. By doing that bike companies offer their bikes at low cost.

Where Are Specialized Mountain Bikes Made

Manufacturing is rarely in the country of origin of the center of development or innovation, which is usually located in that country. As an example, Apple produces the iPhone in China, but it is designed in California. Production in China does not affect the quality of the product in any way. Manufacturers of bicycles are no different.

Mountain specialized bike manufacturers in the United States are among the most well-known bikes in the world. Specialized Mountain bike has its operations center in California, and it distributes their product worldwide. Most of Specialized’s bikes from road bikes to mountain bikes are made in Taiwan and China.

Where Are Specialized Mountain Bikes Made

Trek specialized mountain bikes are the main rival among great American brands. Despite Trek’s claim that they manufacture more bicycles directly in the US, the truth is that the majority of them are also made in Taiwan.

Some cyclists are unaware that Merida is a Taiwanese brand. Their bicycles are the second most popular in the world. Taiwan is their place of origin, where they design and manufacture their products. For third parties, Merida manufactures a number of models.

A brand like Scott contributes most to cycling today, its innovation and development are copied by the industry as a whole. In addition to producing his frames in Taiwan, Scott is originally from Switzerland.

Giant is another brand that manufactures in its country of origin, since Giant is from Taiwan. Giant is another big bicycle manufacturer that sells bikes to third party brands just as Merida. Cannondale is a brand that has always tried to set itself apart from the rest. Cannondale created its own, unique standards for the market from the beginning.

People also ask

What mountain bikes are made in the USA?

There are many US specific brands that make mountain bike all together in US i.e Wyatt Bikes VISTA mountain bike or STELLA Titanium mountain Bike etc

Are Surly bikes made in the USA?

Surly is a Bikes brand located in Bloomington, Minnesota, US but most of their bikes and bike parts such as frames are manufactured in Taiwan, Asia. Bikes and its parts are manufactured and distributed in the U.S. and around the world by this company.

Are Diamondback bikes made in the USA?

Diamondback bikes is a major bike brand that is located in Kent, Washington. Diamondback bikes are mostly made by Kinesis Industries, a Taiwan bike manufacturing company which has a manufacturing unit in China.


Although Europe and America still dominate the bike market in terms of brand numbers, it is clear that Asia is the top producer of bikes. Taiwan and China were called upon by a large number of Old World firms to outsource production.

The only high-end bikes models are produced in US factories. As these models are made mechanically by experts.

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