Where Are Specialized Road Bikes Made

Updated on August 18, 2022

Specialized Road Bikes are sold under California-based company which have their own manufacturing unit but most of their road bikes models are manufactured in Taiwan.

Where are specialized road bikes made? For this, first we know what this company is. 

Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. is commonly known as SPECIALIZED is a California-based company which was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard.

At the headquarters, the company does all the research, development, prototyping, and product development. The bicycle is made in Taiwan by a contract manufacturer after its specifications have been given. Specialized bikes use Merida as their main contractor.

The Merida company has some expensive factories that produce quality bikes. This company doesn’t rebrand their own products with other people’s branding. In the case of their middle-level and high-end bikes, this is true.

You may be interested to know that Merida (a Taiwanese manufacturer) bought 49% of Specialized’s stock in 1974, so it is no surprise that a lot of their manufacturing takes place in  Taiwan.

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Where Are Specialized Road Bikes Made

The company sold about 49% of its shares a few years ago to a Taiwanese bike manufacturer called Merida. Since Merida has manufacturing facilities in both China and Taiwan, no one should be surprised if Specialized frames are made in either country.

It is simply a matter of business profit margin why some frames are marked Made in China and others are marked Made in Taiwan.

This type of model is typically sold in mass quantities as entry-level models. A lower price usually means a lower margin, so to achieve the lowest manufacturing costs while maintaining a profit margin, the frame is made in China or other countries with the lowest cost of production. 

The higher end models, however, usually sell in smaller quantities. Due to the high prices, manufacturers can afford to produce these frames in countries with high labor costs.

As long as the Quality Control of the product is observed and performed, then it does not matter where the frame is made; thus, offering an affordable product that will meet the needs of every segment of the market.

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Specialized Outsource Bikes From Asian Countries – Does It Matter?

Specialized bikes are not being criticized. They are among the best industrialized bikes in the world, regardless of whether they are made in Taiwan. The bike is well designed and has  its merits.

Even if they are made in Asia, all Specialized bikes are good. However, I pointed out that it didn’t make Specialized bikes more affordable, their prices actually went up. When a brand like Specialized is so high rated, it’s okay for them to charge for their name on the frame.

In many cases, the product does not speak for the company, and Specialized is known as a major shark in the industry. It was not invented by them, it was bought by them. It is currently the case that everyone who uses the horst has to pay Specialized. 

People Also Ask

Where are specialized bikes manufactured?

Specialized bikes are manufactured mostly in Taiwan including road bikes and Merida is the main supplier of Specialized bikes.

There are many different companies that make bikes, but not all of them specialize in making only one type. Some brands manufacture both mountain and road bicycles for example Diamondback Bikes manufactures some really nice carbon steel MTBs as well!

If you want to find out where your next bicycle will come from take a look at what’s available on our site today or call us up so we can help direct you towards just what might suit best based upon budget constraints etcetera.

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Are specialized frames made in China?

The cheaper specialized frames are sometimes made in China. Thay do that just to maintain low price bikes to satisfy demand.

Who manufactures specialized?

California is the home of Specialized bikes. Research, prototype, and product development are all done at the headquarters.

After the specifications of the bicycle are given, it is manufactured by a contract manufacturer in Taiwan.

Are specialized bikes good quality?

Specialized is the most reputed bike brand in the US. It produces all ranges of bikes from mid range bikes to high end premium bikes. Some Specialized bikes models are made in their factories that have premium build quality.

Is Specialized owned by Trek?

No Specialized is not owned by Trek. Trek and Specialized are both US based companies and have big names in bicycle industries.

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