Why Don’t Bikes Come with Kickstands – 3 Main Reasons

Most bikes like mountain bikes and road bikes don’t come with a kickstand because of weight, safety, preference, and Balance. There are also other reasons but how kickstand affect bikes?

A kickstand is a great tool to help you store your bike more efficiently. If you purchase any kind of bicycle, it likely will not come with this helpful addition.

Reasons to Avoid Using a Kickstand

Kickstands have been a staple of the bike for over 100 years. But as time has progressed, so too have bikes and their accessories which are now tailored to meet consumers’ needs.

Kickstands were always great: they allowed your bicycle to rest standing up, ready when you needed it next. But sometimes one would be on its side or at an odd angle that made them hard to use. There are also other reasons for not using them let’s discuss.


A kickstand is a necessity for any bike, but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. It will make the ride more difficult to manage with added weight on your back or handlebars.

The shape also affects aerodynamics in an anti-competitive way that creates drag as you pedal down the road. so keep this in mind when deciding which type of stand suits you best!


A kickstand doesn’t only hold your bike upright when you stop, but they also keep it from falling over. If someone isn’t careful and falls off their bike while driving around town; the fall could end up damaging these important parts on a bicycle.

Though this is less of an issue for mountain bikes or road bikes. With wide frames that can accommodate them better than smaller ones which tend to get hit by feet as people board.

Narrower frames are at great risk because riders must place the stand near their left foot in order not to knock into it making catastrophic damage more likely if said frame does happen to topple over due time.


Some professional bike riders discourage the use of a kickstand due to personal preference. Some may not enjoy the added weight, while others believe it is safer for one’s own safety.

Their bicycle’s longevity by placing bikes that are resting on its still. Wheels lying down instead of standing up with extra weight leaning against them.

It also makes sense from an economic standpoint; if factory production time can be reduced by eliminating this step in assembly, more bicycles will be assembled in less time each day.

What to Use if The Bike Doesn’t Have a Kickstand

Why Don't Bikes Come with Kickstands

There are some options available which you can use if your bike does not come with a kickstand.

Rest it On the Ground

You have to be careful when parking your bike as the frame can easily get scratched or even dented. It’s a good idea to put it on something soft like grass so that you don’t scratch up the paint job.

If there’s nothing available, try using an alternative stand for bikes instead of just leaning them against something hard. This will help preserve their delicate parts better than trying to balance by themselves.

Buy an Attachable Kickstands

Kickstands are not a standard feature on bikes like they used to be. But that just means manufacturers have capitalized on the opportunity and created them as attachments.

You can easily add one by buying it separately from your chosen manufacturer or bike shop for easy installation onto any frame type. It’s important to make sure you buy an attachment compatible with the size of your bike before purchasing.


Kickstands are an excellent way to store a bike without resting it on something or putting it on the floor. They significantly reduce the risk of damage, which is why they may be standard features in rental leisure bikes.

But those who don’t use kickstand is because of weight, safety, preference, and Balance.

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